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Arena Games from THE RIDE TO SURVIVE '05:

Chariot - There was once a time when Yetis freely roamed the earth. In a disgusting display of sportsmanship, Gladiators mounted on chariots would brutally spear the once bountiful Yeti. We managed to capture and breed a colony of Yetis, and plan on reviving the ancient sport, known only as �Chariot.�

Gladiator - This event pits one insanely strong Gladiator against a throng of neophytes. The neophytes are fighting for their fragile little lives. Can the immense strength of a single Gladiator overcome the power of a mob of bloodthirsty neophytes? Make sure you're at the Spawn Pit, and find out.

The Joust - The classic event that pits two milk-fed Gladiators in a high-speed, high-stakes, head-on collision! Once the Gladiators lower their lances and push their steeds forward, anyone can die!

King of the Hill - All that remains in The Arena, after the single victor leaves, is a massive pile of the smoldering flesh of the weak. This event can only end in disaster for all but one Gladiator!

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