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September 10th 2005

Choose your Karate Belt--it will determine your destiny.
(Day Only)
Off-White Belt
Arrive, BBQ, Spectate
Enjoy the bikes and the crazy people who dare ride and fight with them while eating BBQ'ed goods and in all other respects, getting ready and siked for the rest of Albany at large.
Dress Up, Ride, Eat Ice Cream
Rummage through provided costumes, or bust out your own in preparation for the quick, crazy, jaunt out to the King Kone ice cream factory.
Farewells, Betrayals, Excommunication
Return from the ride, and say your farwells. Go home! Your services are no longer needed!
What to Bring

Cash-Money, Costumes, Food!
(Day + Camping)
Mauve Belt
Arrive, BBQ, Spectate
Timidly interact with bikes, and crazy people, who are marginally more brave than you, as they ride and fight against each other. Nervously pick over an array of BBQ'ed goods while working up the courage to impress your peers on a chopper.
Dress Up, Ride, Eat Ice Cream
Equip yourself with the necessities of the road: flashlight, C4-explosive, and a disguise. Venture with the rest of the gang to King Kone.
Camp Set-up, Hangout
Tether up old bessie and inspect yer bedroll fer mites. The night is cruel and darker than a horse's rear-end, so sleep with one eye open--if yeh dare to sleep at all.
Night-Raid (optional)
If the skeeters keep bitin' and Zeke is snorin' up a storm, yer welcome to venture off for a little late-night cattle rustlin'.
What to Bring

Cash-Money, Costumes, Food, Camping Gear!
(Full on Gladitorial Combat!)
Mountain Dew™ X-Treme Belt
Arrive, Suit Up, Practice
Get in the Zone™, because you will only have a little while to practice riding a tall bike with one hand. After that, it's all savagery as your opponent attempts to forcibly dismount you with a lance.
Meet your sworn enemies in the THUNDERDOME™, and decimate them. You must pre-register as a Gladiator to participate in: bike jousting, king of the hill, bike derby, ect.
Ride, Eat Ice Cream, Relax
Walk away from the smoldering remains of your former opponents, and be whisked away to beautiful King Kone™.
Report to Barracks, Brief R&R
Kick off your standard issue boots, and let the jungle-rot fumes intoxicate you; however, don't get too comfy--yer ass is on night patrol!
Night Assault
It's time to go AWOL. You're tired of listening to orders, and ready to come up with some your own. The plan is to escape to Albany, a nearby port town that has been rumored to have more sexual activity than your last visit to Thailand.
What to Bring

Cash-Money, Costumes, Food, Camping Gear!

Important! To enter The Arena, you must bring heavy gloves! (body armor is optional)